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Everything Jesus Said In Mark (ASV) | Complete Red Letter Verses

Jesus jumps right into action with miracles, signs and wonders in the book of Mark in the Bible. That being said have you ever wondered what Jesus said specifically in red verse after verse in the book of mark? What is every red scripture that Jesus said in the Gospel of Mark American Standard Version Bible?  Jesus

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What Does It Mean To Be Baptized Into Jesus Death? | Romans 6

At some point or another, a Christian is going to come across the term being baptized into Jesus Christ’s death. At first thought, this may sound strange, bizarre, or even confusing. Hearing it for the first time may trigger a thought of simply being religious lingo and get shrugged off. However, being Baptized into Jesus’s

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Sons Of God Bible Verses KJV | All Scriptures & References

Have you ever wondered about the phrase sons of God in the Bible? The phrase sons of God is a term that is used throughout the Bible. To better understand a believer’s identity in Christ Jesus it’s worth seeing these scriptures and verses with the phrase sons of God. So how is the phrase sons

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Bible Verses About Rest In The Old Testament | KJV

Have you ever thought about the word Rest in the Bible? Either way you came to the right location. Bible Verses About Rest In The Old Testament – Rest does not just mean relaxing in the Bible. One specified meaning in the Old Testament for rest is a quiet, settled spot or a home. In other words a

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Being Rooted And Grounded In Love | True Bible Meaning

At some point, a Christian is going to hear about love in the Bible. There is no way to get away from it. On top of that, they are going to come across the term being rooted and grounded in love. What exactly does being rooted and grounded in love even mean? Being rooted and

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What Is God’s Definition Of True Love In The Bible?

Love is one of the most widely used words in the world and yet so many people think it means different things. That being said the world’s definition of love is not the same as God’s definition of love. So what exactly is God’s definition of love in the Bible? The Bible states that God

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The Carnal Mind Is Enmity Against God | Bible Truth

Most Christians have heard the term carnal or the flesh. Some Christians have an understanding of those terms as well. However, there are still a lot of believers who don’t truly understand what the carnal mind is and how it operates. So what exactly is the carnal mind? The carnal mind is enmity against God

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Why Did Satan AKA Lucifer Rebel Or Sin In The Bible?

Most Christians have an idea of who Satan is and how he is evil. Also how he deceived Adam/Eve to sin. They even know he used to be known as the angel Lucifer and was considered good before he fell. Knowing these things is helpful but it still doesn’t answer why Satan aka Lucifer rebelled

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Author and Finisher of Our Faith | Bible Meaning Revealed!

When most people read about the author and finisher of our faith in the bible, they know it’s in reference to God/Jesus. However, most people still wonder about the faith portion of the author/beginning and finisher/end of our faith. The author and finisher of our faith is referring to God giving every person a portion

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The Blessing Of Jacob By Isaac In The Bible | Secret Meaning

I use to wonder about how God could bless Jacob instead of Esau. Things just didn’t seem to add up because of the way Jacob received the blessing from God by Isaac. Listening to other people try to explain the blessing of Jacob didn’t make sense either. Then God explained it to me through His

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