About JesusBelieverJD

JesusBeleiverJD is an online resource that helps spread the good news about Jesus Christ through blogging, Youtube and other social media outlets. This is the Lord God’s resource. He owns it! I’m just relaying what He says. JesusBelieverJD is known for sharing the message of truth about Jesus/God/The Bible no matter who you are, where you come from, or what stage of life you may be in. What that means is everyone is going to receive the same message according to the Bible. So whether you’re a believer who wants to learn more or someone who doesn’t believe at the moment but is curious, all are welcome to come and hear the truth.

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The Story About This Online Resource

Growing up Joshua Donahue never thought God would work through Him to create a website/online resource to share the amazing news about Jesus Christ. He grew up in the church as a PK aka preachers kid. He believed in Jesus as a young child until he got older in age. At about high school he began to question and wonder if God was actually real.

He began to wonder and question his faith towards God and eventually stopped pursuing. He began living a life full of sin. One particular day he ignored a voice which he thought was simply his own thought. In doing so a terrible situation occurred he was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Although he turned his back on God, God never gave up on him. Eventually, God changed his heart and won him over with love. Check the video below for more details on that.

Joshua Donahue Testimony

Josh was now living a new life with Jesus Christ and following Him. Due to the change, the majority of His old friends stopped hanging out with him because of Jesus changing his life/lifestyle. Also, some people in the church didn’t know how to respond either because of his past lifestyle in sin. The good news is Jesus forgave him and no longer remembered his past.

During this time Josh would hang out with God and started to act on what the Bible said. He didn’t do this according to his own strength. It was Christ in him who was doing it. He began sharing the good news by the grace of God with anyone who was willing to talk with him about Jesus. He did this at his job and wherever he went and God went with signs following. Jesus began to heal the sick and people were experiencing the kingdom of God! People actually wanted to listen.

Joshua realized that God not only wanted to use him this way but also wanted to use anyone who was willing to accept and follow Jesus as well! He then began to share what he knew with whoever he could that would listen but had a desire to share with more if possible. God laid on his heart to create this online resource JesusBelieverJD. This way he can spread freely to whoever will come and see/hear what the Lord is saying. Freely he received and freely he wants to give. The message of Jesus Christ is not for sale and can’t be bought with earthly possessions! However, it can be given away to anyone who has ears to hear!

This online resource is a place you can come to sharpen up with the Word of God. It’s a place where you can come to learn more about Jesus Christ and everything He paid a price for. It’s a place you can refer to people you know so they can hear the word as well. The purpose of JesusBelieverJD is to help spread the gospel to anyone who has ears to hear and to help believers grow in Jesus Christ!