Milk In Glass With Black Background

What Is Spiritual Milk According to the Bible? Explained!

Is it safe to say most believers of Jesus have an idea of what “milk” and “meat” doctrine is according to the Bible? I thought I had a good understanding of what “milk” was until God opened my eyes. Now I see more on the subject than I did before. I wonder how many others

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Bible On Table Near Water And Sun

Examples of Words of Knowledge in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples of words of knowledge. Not only does it say what it is, but we have examples we can learn from and see how God used it with others. This is a great way of learning about how God will speak to us today as well. Before we look into

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Treasure Chest On The Beach Sand

The Actual True Meaning of the Hidden Treasure & Pearl Parable

I recall growing up hearing about the parable of the hidden treasure and pearl of great value in the Bible. Everything I heard revolved around the idea of people giving up everything to follow Jesus. I never really thought twice about these parables until one day God spoke to me and revealed a truth about

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